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Assystem is an international engineering and innovation consultancy group with French roots. Our culture of industry, major technological projects and service provision has been built up over our forty year history. Assystem is listed in the PARIS Stock Exchange for over 10 years. It is classified as one of the top ranked companies in Europe’s 500 listing.

  • OUR MISSION: Helping our clients moving on to the growth to be.
    Cleaner energy, lighter aircrafts, electric transportations to the great majority, such are the challenges addressed every day by Assystem’s clients, to which our 8,500 employees are committed and to which they bring their know-how, their methodology and their convictions.
  • OUR ADDED VALUE: Committing to excellence
    Assystem teams are trained to listen, master and develop skills. They know how to adapt to challenges inherent in innovation, risk management, complexity, and they value the client’s goals as the result of our common projects. With offices in 20 countries, they operate every day throughout the whole world to share their expertise and give life to our clients’ and partners’ Projects.


  • Head Quarters: Paris, France
  • Established: 1966, Over 40 years of know-how  in all major Global Engineering Industries
  • Revenue (2014): nearly 900 Million EUR
  • Global spread across 20 countries


  • Optimization of industrial investments over their lifecycle (process engineering and production support)
  • Outsourced R&D (product and electronic engineering, IT and software)

By bringing its industrial investment optimization activities together under the Plant Engineering & Operations division, Assystem has reaffirmed its leadership position in the design and management of Projects involving factories, power plants and other facilities, in testing and commissioning, and in operations and training. Assystem offers its client knowledge of complex, heavily regulated environments, built up on its long experience in the nuclear industry.
In the field of outsourced R&D, Assystem is active throughout the product engineering value chain, from functional analysis to validation, including design, computing and testing. Its expertise in mechanical engineering has made Assystem’s Aerospace Mechanical Engineering division a European leader in the aerospace field.
The Technology & Product Engineering division houses the key skills required for hardware and software development, systems integration and validation in the automotive, rail transport and new technologies sectors.

Assystem Technologies India Private Limited (formerly known as Silver Atena Electronic Systems (India) Pvt Ltd), is one of the market leaders in high-integrity engineering. The core competencies of Assystem Technologies are the entire development spectrum of Safety-critical systems, which includes full life cycle Software development, verification & validation and certification.

Find out more about the Assystem Group by visiting our Corporate Website - www.assystem.com.