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News and Events:

The tenth edition of the exhibition was held from February 18th to February 22nd in Bangalore. The theme for the event this year was the "Make In India" campaign by Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. The entire event was organized by the Ministry of Defence, which serves as the right networking platform for the government and the aerospace industry. Since Aero India’s inception in 1996, the main objective of the exhibition is to elevate defence procurement and production. Hence, the commercial airline and the business jet industry has not been of major presence in a number of editions.

Assystem India (AIN) had a small yet significant presence in the event. The event helped AIN showcase our unique selling points and attracted a number of key prospects to the stall. The scale up model of Taxibot with emphasis on AIN’s work was a major attraction and helped demonstrate the embedded software capabilities for the safety critical systems. The project is a key success and the appreciation by the customer was a pinnacle achieved, which has put further discussions in place.

The outcome of our presence in Aero India was positive and was leveraged by the presence of Mr. Senthil Kumaran (CEO, Assystem India) and Mr. Anantha MN (Vice president, Operations). Also, this was an opportunity provided to a number of students and research associates to understand about Assystem India. The keen interest shown by number of graduates and potential employees to join such an esteemed organization was a sheer pleasure. Mr. Joydeep (Vice President, HR) had a chance to interact with few of them personally and emphasize on the open working culture of Assystem India.

The senior management from Assystem UK were present during the event for signing a MoU with AxisCades for delivering enhanced values to the Airbus group. It is a strategic partnership which will be a win-win solution for both and will add value to customers like Airbus on the Outsourcing front.

Mr. Alain Besnier from Assystem France was present during the event to interact with the key representatives of Dassualt and Rafale. The presence of Mr. David Bradley (Executive Vice President), Mr. Jeff Hoyle (Vice President, Aerospace) and Mr. Frank Harcourt (Director, Global Services) highlighted the global delivery model of Assystem India.